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3 Cat and Dog Themed Craft Ideas

3 Cat and Dog Themed Craft Ideas

Arts and crafts are an extremely healthy activity for kids, and if you want your kids to enjoy arts and crafts and think of them as a chore – you need to introduce them to something they love. Therefore we have compiled a list of 3 cats and dog-themed craft ideas for you to make and enjoy with your kids!

Cats and dogs are the cutest creatures on earth, and there is no bias in this statement. If you are a true pet lover, you would know about the joy you get when you see a cat or dog anywhere – be it real, in pictures, or just a cute craft shaped like a cat or dog.

This is true that anything with a cat or dog made on it instantly becomes 10 times cuter, so there is no harm in placing more and more pet-themed crafts and decorations in your house. Moreover, even kids love animals – if you have a pet in your house, you can tell your kid is their best friend.

3 Cat and Dog Themed Craft Ideas

1.  Paper Plate Pet

This paper plate pet is super easy to make; you can literally make any animal using this trick. This will turn out very cute; once done, you can display it in your kid’s room or hang it on a wall.

Things you will need:

How to make it :

Step 1: Take a paper plate and start drawing a rough sketch on it – make a pattern, 2 eyes, leave some space for the nose, draw the mouth and leave some space for whiskers. Make sure you decide beforehand what animal it is that you want to make on your paper plate – it can be a cat or a dog.

Step 2: Now, choose a color and start painting the patterns you have made. For example, if you want to make a grey and white paper plate kitten, then take some grey acrylic paint and color the patterns accordingly.

Step 3: While you leave the paper plate to dry, take a card sheet and pencil and start drawing.

Step 4: On the card sheet, draw the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and some thin strips to make the whiskers.

Step 5: Once you are done drawing, take some scissors, cut the pieces, and keep them aside.

Step 6: Next, paint the pieces you cut on the card sheet if you feel the need. For example, you can paint the tongue pink or the nose black.

Step 7:  Now check if the paint is dry and start placing all the pieces on the paper plate – use glue to paste them. Now take a sharpie and outline everything to give the final touch, and you are good to go!

Step 8: Lastly, if you want to hang it on a wall, just take a punch machine and punch a small hole on the top of the face, right in the center of the two eyes. Take a small string, pass it through the hole and secure it to make a loop. Use this loop to hang your paper plate on a wall.

2.  Tissue Roll Dog – Trash Can

This is another cute dog-themed craft idea that you can make with your friends. It is very simple to make, and the best thing is that it can always come in handy. You can either use it as a decorative piece or a small trash can.

The thing you will need:

How to make it:

Step 1: Take an empty tissue roll and paint it – you can choose any color you want your dog-themed trash can to be. For example, if you have a white pet dog, you can choose white here.

Step 2: Now let it dry and in the meantime, take a card sheet and draw two small circles and 2 relatively bigger ovals. The two circles will be used as your puppy’s toe so that you can draw small beans on each of them. The bigger ovals will be sued as the ears, so you can also paint them accordingly.

Step 3: Lastly, cut a small tail using the same card sheet. There is no definite shape for the tail; you can go for a bushy tail or a thin one – it totally depends on you. Cut it and paint it accordingly.

Step 4: Now, take two buttons to make the eyes. You can paint the buttons black and white if you want as well. Paste the buttons on the dried tissue roll to make the face of the dog.

Step 5: Now, use a sharpie and draw the nose and the mouth of the dog.

Step 6: After this, take the glue and start pasting everything on the tissue roll. The circle is attached to the bottom of the cylinder (empty tissue roll), with the beans facing outside. This will make it look like the dog is sitting. Paste the two ovals right beside the eyes to make droopy ears. Lastly, paste the tail at the back – and you will have your tissue roll dog.

Step 7: Lastly, use this cylinder for a makeshift trash can that your kids can use while studying or making art at home. Take the card and cut a circle a little bigger than the size of the face of the cylinder (the hollow end of the tissue roll)

Step 8: Now, put the circle flat on the table, put some glue on its edges and place the tissue roll on it vertically. Let the glue dry, and voila – your tissue roll dog-themed trash can is ready for use!

3.  Origami Cat Bookmark

If your little one loves to read and is a fan of cats, then this craft will be their favorite. This is very easy to make, and this won’t take a lot of time.

Things you will need:

How to Make it:

Step 1: Place a square-shaped piece of paper on a table and rotate it to make a diamond shape.

Step 2: Now fold the diamond into half by joining the bottom corner to the top corner. You will get a triangle shape.

Step 3: Now, once you have the triangle pointing up, take the left corner of the triangle and join it to the center of the triangle – and glue it in place.

Step 4: Repeat the same on the right corner, and you will get another small diamond now.

Step 5: Now flip the diamond over; take the top layer of the paper only. Now fold the bottom point of the diamond to the top point, crease it, and unfold it.

Step 6: Now fold the same point under and tuck it into the formed pocket and gently squeeze the outer corners. And voila, you have a bookmark.

Step 7; Now start decorating the bookmark. Take a sheet of paper and draw a small tongue and 2 small ears on it. Cut it and paste it on the diamond-shaped bookmark – such that the bookmark’s pocket looks like the mouth.

Step 8: Use a sharpie to make the eyes and whiskers, and your cat-themed bookmark is ready for use!

Have Fun Making Cat and Dog Themed Crafts!

Arts and crafts are a great way to bond with your kids and involve them in a healthy hobby. We hope you liked these craft ideas – trust us, they will turn out absolutely adorable, and your kids will love making these with you!

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