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Best DIY Crafts to Decorate Your Room

DIY Crafts to Decorate

Do you feel like you have been living in your room in the same setting for ages now? Are you tired of the same vibe and aesthetic that you’ve had since you were a teen? Or maybe you’re just someone who likes to try out different ideas and enjoys changing your surroundings often – a creative way to match your external vibe with your internal vibe. To help you with new things to try, we’ve come up with some of the best DIY craft ideas that’ll help you decorate your bedroom to your ideal setting.

Regardless of the reason, going DIY with your décor crafts is always fun. You can try these ideas to make your room feel much nicer. Have a look below:

1.  Hang DIY Art on Your Walls

Have you always felt that art needs to look good and that you absolutely have to be creative when it comes to it? Not at all; art is a form of expression. It’s your form of expression and less about aesthetics – more so with the way you feel. Go down to your nearest target and get a bunch of small to medium-sized canvases, paints, markers, and spray paint. You have infinite options.

Once you’ve gotten your supplies, you can either look up something you’d like to make or you can think of something special and wing it. For example, you can go for an abstract painting, or sketch a portrait of your pet. Once you’re done with one, two, or several, go ahead and find a wall that you’d like to fill up with the paintings and hang them up there. There you go, one DIY down and as many as you want more to go!

2. Re-Doing Pots or Vases

Have you had the same old plant pots or vases in your room/house for the longest time? Do you feel like the old aesthetic is making the space too dull? Why don’t you spruce up your potted plants with the paints you got for the canvas? The paints can be used for multiple purposes. Pick a color, any color, and paint the pot or vase for a simple look.

If you want something a little more complex, then look up an easy-to-do design and replicate that. Once you’re done with the painting, let it dry, and then add your desired flowers to the pot or vase. And there you go! Another successful DIY mission.

3. Small Tree Branch Wall Light

Does this heading sound exhausting and complicated? Well, keep on reading, and you’ll soon realize how easy it really is! All you will need are a couple of branches of wood in the size of your choice. Bring them home and sanitize them. The second step would be to glue them together with superglue in whatever order you’d like. You can make a geometric shape, a regular square, or glue them up randomly.

Once you’re done with the first two steps, the third would be to either use an already existing fairy light or go to the nearest target and get a bunch of them in whatever color you’d like. Once you have the ferry light, you either stick them on with the superglue or tie them around the branches.

After you’ve done that third step, the fourth and final step is to place it where it’ll look most appealing. Either hang it from the ceiling or hang it on an empty wall and there you go, another DIY to make your room cozy and vibe-y.

4. Butterfly Origami

There can honestly never be too much art, and if you feel that your canvas paintings are a bit lonely hanging on the wall by themselves, then here’s another great DIY idea. Get several sheets of different colors and look up how to make butterfly origami. Not only will you be creating something artistic, but you will also be learning something new in the process.

Origami is also known as a form of art therapy, so why not give art therapy a try? Once you’ve made different colored butterfly origami, you can use super glue or glue tac and stick them on the wall! If you’ve made tree branch light, it might be even cooler to stick the butterflies on the tree branch to really get a nature-type feel in the bedroom.

5. Photo Heart Collage

What better way to make your bedroom comfier than to decorate it with some of your fondest memories? Go to your nearest printing store and print out your favorite pictures with family, friends, yourself, and your pets if you have any. Once you’ve printed them out, bring them home and decide what order you want them in, the family can be one side of the heart, and friends can be the other side of the heart.

Use glue tac to stick them where you can see them, possibly in front of your bed or maybe even your ceiling. Before you know it, your room is way more personalized if it wasn’t already before.

6. Wall of Hats

If the origami butterfly wasn’t 3D enough, this one would most definitely be 3D. Find any hats or caps you can find at home, and if you don’t have any, you can always ask! Ask your family, friends, or strangers on the internet for hats that they don’t need. Once you have 2 to 3 hats, go ahead and pin them on the walls. When you’re done, take a cute picture and show off your awesome wall of hats.

7. Match Furniture Color to Your Walls

To make your room look more put together, paint your bed, shelves and closet the same color, maybe even match the wall. One of the best ways to make a room look more appealing is by color-matching – from the wall to the bed, to the shelf, and to bedroom linen.  

Final Thoughts

We hope that these DIY ideas help you in making your room more comfy and personalized. There are many spaces outside our homes that don’t feel as safe, so why not make your bedroom and home the safest place to be? You can get started on the craft-making journey today with our easy DIY suggestions to make your room look renovated and refreshed. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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