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DIY Craft Simple Beautiful Envelope

A simple way to make a beautiful handmade envelope.

Great for gift cards, birthdays, or special occasions. DIY crafts can be fun and easy! Here is how to DIY craft simple beautiful handmade envelope.

DIY Craft Simple Beautiful Envelope

DIY Craft Simple Beautiful Envelope – Materials Needed

  1. Four circular pieces of craft or decorative paper, 4-6″ in diameter. Alternatively, you can start with squares although you will need a circle to trace around, such as a small bowl, and then cut out your circles.
  2. Glue (Elmer’s type glue is perfect)
  3. Ribbon, about 10-12″ long
  4. Scissors, optional and only needed if you start with square paper

DIY Craft Simple Beautiful Envelope Instructions

  1. Layout your circles on the table or cut them from your larger piece of craft or construction paper (after tracing a circle from a bowl or wide-mouth glass jar).

2. Fold each circle in half, down the middle.

3. Interweave the bottom of the circles and apply thin layer of glue between the bottoms (as illustrated in the picture).

4. Let dry and then crease the halve tabs to achieve the effect in the picture.

5. In a clockwise (or counter-clockwise) pattern fold down tabs to close the envelope.

6. Wrap around and tie off with a ribbon bow (your color of choice).

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